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Inside or outside Cache Valley?

Wherever you’re moving, we have a service to suit your needs.

Moving within Cache Valley

On time and with care, we’ll move your belongings from a local start-to-end address.

Moving outside Cache Valley

Going that extra mile, we’ll move your belongings anywhere within the 48 contiguous states to Cache Valley (or vice versa).

In-store moving supplies

Protect your belongings and be organized with our low-cost moving supplies — exclusively in-store.

Junk hauling

Free up space and let us take care of your unwanted junk. 

Other moving services

Our flexible moving services extend to:

  • Furniture pick-ups
  • Rearranging furniture
  • Small-scale moves 

The easiest way to move

You won’t have trouble contacting your friendly neighborhood moving guys with our excellent email, text, and phone response rates. 

Family operated from the beginning, we take care of the hardest part of moving — the heavy lifting!

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer packing services?

No, we don’t provide packing boxes or organize possessions pre-move. Instead, we ask you to securely place items into boxes, storage containers, and large bags. As a rule of thumb, if you can pick it up with one hand — it needs to be packed.

Can you disassemble my furniture?

Yes, we help with basic furniture disassembly such as:

  • Breaking down bed frames
  • Taking mirrors off dressers
  • Desk breakdowns 
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting washers and dryers 
  • Taking the backs and feet off of couches 

Our experienced movers use high-quality moving equipment such as hand trucks, forearm forklifts, and furniture pads to safely move your belongings.  Unfortunately we are not able to help with items that require special tools, such as treadmills, computer workstation wires/cabling, or TV entertainment speaker wires/cables. 

What locations do you deliver?

As well as offering local moving services to all areas within Cache Valley, we can move your valued possessions to areas outside the valley. 

Areas just outside Cache Valley, but still within our standard hourly rate include:

  • Tremonton
  • Preston
  • Garden City
  • Brigham City

Cities immediately neighboring the above are considered outside of Cache Valley and are charged by the hour (3 hours minimum), plus applicable travel fees. Areas farther afield will require a custom quotation. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Do you offer construction junk hauling?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer construction junk hauling or work-site cleanups. However, we can remove unwanted furniture or equivalent junk hauling. We charge an additional $15 dump fee to cover charges from the local landfill.

Can you tell me more about your Price Match Promise?

We’ll match or exceed any official quote from another local moving company that offers comparable services. To find out if you qualify, contact us today.

Do you offer donation runs?

Yes, we do. We’ll take your unwanted furniture to the local donation center — Deseret Industries Thrift Store & Donation Center. Note that this service is only available on specific days, so please get in touch to find out when we can complete your donation run. There are no additional fees beyond our standard hourly rate.

What is your maximum weight capability?

We can carry up to 300lbs with no additional equipment and up to 450lbs with special arm straps. We have a weight limit of 600lbs if the item can fit on our appliance dolly.

Do you offer special rates for very small moves?

Yes, as long as your move is within Cache Valley and you have three items or less, you will qualify for our one-hour special rate. Please refer to our rates for more details.